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Higham I, Palacios I, Barker N (2001) Review of BAT for new waste incineration issues part 1 waste pyrolysis & gasification activities. Enviroment Agency, Bristol 29. Jones A, O’Hare M, Farrel A (2007) Biofuel boundaries: estimating the medium-term supply potential of domestic biofuels (Internet). UC Berkeley Transportation Sustainability Research Center, Berkely, Working Paper; 2007 (cited 2009 Dec 23). Available from: http://escholarship. org/uc/item/950662sc 30. Jones S, Zhu Y, Valkenburg C (2009) Municipal solid waste (MSW) to liquid fuels synthesis, vol 2: A techno-economic evaluation of the production of mixed alcohols (Internet).

This exclusion is of practical interest in cases where it is difficult to find proper sites within- or nearthe congested administrative sector and it is justified by the fact that transportation of the wastes from the congested sectors to sites at reasonably long distance is not prohibitively expensive. It is interesting to note, that alternative sets of sites, defined through different selections in the above procedure, are likely to lead into optimal solutions with nearly identical total management costs.

8. Most of the solid residues are generated from the combustion chamber and the boiler. Smaller, but more toxic, quantities are generated from the flue gas treatment system. In EU, the control of emissions is subject to Directive 2000/74. Guidance on pollution prevention and control is given by the BREF report, European Commission [14]. 5 Electric Energy Balances Table 1 presents typical electric energy balances for the above technologies, assessing their net electric energy export potential on the basis of their electric energy generation and internal consumption potential, Economopoulos [8].

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