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By Robert D. Ramsey

ISBN-10: 0809230429

ISBN-13: 9780809230426

Written by way of a lifelong instructor, this booklet inc ludes 501 inspirational feedback for lecturers and is filled with clean and well timed rules and reminders of verified stra tegies that by no means fail to encourage scholars and lecturers alik e. '

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The study of arithmetic by children in elementary school is for a Jarge part the study of the properties of the binary operations addi­ tion and muJtipJication on the various systems of numbers they encounter. In this chapter the notion of binary operation is studied in some detail to provide teachers with an understanding of and an appreciation for the comp]exity of this concept. To do this we abstract the ideas to situations in which your lifelong experience with the ideas is not applicab]e, thus causing you to examine in detail the various aspects of binary operations.

A . (d) { I } E A . (e) {{I}} C A. (f) 2 E A . (g) {2} k A . : A . : A . (j) 3 E A . (1) {0} C A. : A . (m) {3} E A . (o) 0 E A . (n) 0 � A . 4 (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) Is 0 E 0? Is 0 E 0? Is 0 a subset of 0? If A is a set, is 0 a subset of A ? Is the set whose only element is the empty set empty? That is, is {0} = 0? 5 Consider the set A = { I , 2, { 1 } , { I , 2}}. Find an x such that x E A and x C A. 6 Find sets and elements to put in the blanks below so that the expression makes sense. __ 28 2 I S.

2. 7 . 1 The red triangle may not be within the second piece of yarn. Now ask if all the triangles are within that piece of yam. The student may realize that the red triangle is not and move it to the correct place; thus the red blocks are not all within the first piece of yarn. After several moves of the red triangle the student will usually realize that the red triangle belongs inside both pieces of yarn. The final response is shown in Fig. 8. 1 For other ideas regarding activities that will help children become aware of these operations, see the references to Dienes and Golding in the Bibliography section on Methods of Teaching Elementary Mathematics.

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501 tips for teachers: kid-tested ideas, strategies, and inspirations by Robert D. Ramsey

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