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Hint: For getting out of the wizard’s evil clutches, treat all levels as having the same degeneracy and then... Oh, no! He’s got me, too! derive the partition function for an individa) Assuming ual diatomic molecule in two dimensions. b) Determine the thermodynamic energy E and heat capacity in the limit, where for a set of indistinguishable, independent, heteronuclear diatomic molecules constrained to rotate in a plane. Compare these results to those for an ordinary diatomic rotor in three dimensions.

THERMODYNAMICS AND STATISTICAL PHYSICS 17 b) Two such bodies are initially at temperatures of 100 K and 400 K. A reversible engine is used to extract heat with the hotter body as a source and the cooler body as a sink. What is the maximum amount of heat that can be extracted in units of MC? c) The specific heat of water is and its density is Calculate the maximum useful work that can be extracted, using as a source of water at 100°C and a lake of temperature 10°C as a sink. 30 Heat Capacity Ratio (Moscow Phys-Tech) To find of a gas, one sometimes uses the following method.

23 Cylinder with Massive Piston (Rutgers, Moscow Phys-Tech) Consider moles of an ideal monatomic gas placed in a vertical cylinder. 23). Initially the piston is fixed, and the gas has volume and temperature Next, the piston is released, and after several oscillations comes to a stop. Disregarding friction and the heat capacity of the piston and cylinder, find the temperature and volume of the gas at equilibrium. 24 15 Spring Cylinder (Moscow Phys-Tech) One part of a cylinder is filled with one mole of a monatomic ideal gas at a pressure of 1 atm and temperature of 300 K.

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