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By Gustaf John Ramstedt, Juha Janhunen

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In these sentences, the (a) examples are DOP examples. In the corresponding possessive DP examples (b), the possessive DP is not the subject of the verb be (as in (31b, 32b)); it is inside a locative phrase (headed by meele ‘on’ or -alli ‘locative case’). ) (34) a. ’ (Lit. ’) b. ’ (35) a. ’ (Lit. ’) b. ’ At first glance, the possessor here appears to have the “option” of staying in situ, or moving out into a dative position. No dramatic, corresponding switch is perceived between an existential and a possessive reading for be.

1988. ” In Experiencer subjects in South Asian languages, M. K. Verma and K. P. ), 285–95. Stanford: Center for the Study of Language and Information. Amritavalli, R. 1997. ” In Phases and interfaces of morphology, M. Hariprasad, Hemalatha Nagarajan, P. Madhavan and K. G. ), vol. two 180–205. Hyderabad: CIEFL. 23 24 R. Amritavalli Amritavalli, R. 2000a. V. ), 49–112. New York: Mouton de Gruyter. Amritavalli, R. 2000b. ), 11–30. New Delhi: Sage India. Bhat, D. N. 1978. Pronominalization: a cross-linguistic study.

The ergative marker that occurs with the subject in the infinitival constructions in Goan Konkani is retained in Karnataka Konkani. We shall show how Dakkhini and Konkani differ from their source languages. Hindi–Urdu has a full-fledged relative clause construction and a participial construction. The participial construction is ‘less relative-like’ because (a) the tense of the embedded verb is deleted, (b) the genitive occurs in place of the nominative or ergative marker of the embedded subject and (c) the embedded object is deleted (Subbarao 1984).

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