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A people's pedagogy, like a people's heritage, may still alert scholars to deep currents of justice and equality in U.S. historical past, and in different methods inspire scholars to aim at the personas of people that labored to make this a extra democratic society. A people's historical past and pedagogy should let scholars to acknowledge that 'we' weren't inevitably those stealing land, shedding bombs, or breaking moves. 'We' have been finishing slavery, combating for women's rights, organizing unions, marching opposed to wars, and attempting to create a society premised at the Golden Rule

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They must use a different individual to answer each of the eight questions. ) Tell them that it’s not a race; the aim is for students to spend time hearing each other’s stories, not just hurriedly scribbling down answers to the different questions. I like to begin this activity by asking for a student volunteer to demonstrate with me an encounter between two of the individuals, so that the rest of the class can sense the kind of interaction I’m looking for. 4. -Mexico War questions student handout.

No matter who wins this war between Mexico and the United States, nothing changes the fact that this is Miwok land—our land—that they are fighting over. First, the Spaniards took over, then the Mexicans. Now the Americans are taking over. But they all mistreated the Miwok people. Our land is now owned by one of the richest men in California, the Mexican General Mariano Vallejo. They say he and his wife, Doña Francesca, are kind to visitors. But he is not kind to his Indian workers. Vallejo treats us almost like slaves.

S. leaders have their war. The United States doesn’t have any right whatsoever to move into Mexico. The government is looking for war so that it can take over as much of Mexico as it wants. Army and I must carry out my orders. President James K. Polk I won the presidency by a close vote in 1844 and now I am president of the United States of America. ” It is God’s plan that the United States should spread from the Atlantic to the Pacific. S. troops into an area that was claimed both by Texas and Mexico, historically occupied by Mexicans.

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