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By Sandy Blair

ISBN-10: 082177767X

ISBN-13: 9780821777671

During this mild hearted romantic story, a medieval Scottish knight who needs to wed speedy to be able to win the keys to a fortress, falls less than the loving spell of a proficient healer.

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New PDF release: A Rogue In A Kilt (Zebra Historical Romance)

During this gentle hearted romantic story, a medieval Scottish knight who needs to wed speedy as a way to win the keys to a citadel, falls less than the loving spell of a talented healer.

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Word of his handfasting could get to Beal before he did. “We need ride as fast as possible to the nearest village, to Ardlui. ” Most were reported to practice the auld religion. “She should ken where the nearest well of which ye speak lies. ” Birdi nodded and he silently thanked the Blessed Virgin. Donaliegh was still within his grasp if they made haste. ” They hadn’t the time to snare a rabbit or hunt berries, but if she was hungry … Birdi shook her head. The last thing she wanted was food. Her stomach felt so gnarly she feared she’d likely toss anything she ate.

Angus hadn’t expected her to put the babe to a teat, after all. Just take the milk out of the goat. That she could do. Angus placed the bucket beside her. “This should do for now. ” He rose and left her to flounder on her own. With a good bit of fussing and choking, the babe finally drank his fill of goat milk. When he fell asleep in her arms, Birdi rose and sought out the basket she’d tripped over. The dead woman’s body was gone but the basket remained. Propping it against her free hip, Birdi moved out of the path of the drifting, acrid smoke.

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