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J/ does not appear in syllable codas. (15) a [t\awDtFn] b [khODt\ε] jiaodun ‘dream’ kejie ‘when’ /zh/ is a voiceless unaspirated retroflex affricate [tZ]. It appears in word-initial or word-medial position, as illustrated by (16a) and (16b), respectively. /zh/ does not appear in the coda of a syllable. 5 Fricatives /f/, /s/, /x/, /sh/, /h/ /f/ is a voiceless labio-dental fricative [f ]. It generally occurs in Chinese borrowings, but is also found in some Mongolic roots. /f/ appears word-initially (17a) and wordmedially (17b), but not in syllable codas.

A third variation, which itself has at least two versions, is that the Monguor came from Ganzhou ( ), somewhat north of the current Monguor territory, in Gansu province. The third theory connects the Monguor with the Shato Turks, a group frequently mentioned in historical documents from this area. K. Li (1993:10–11) points out that commentators agree on the presence of some Shato Turks among the Monguor clans, but does not give much elaboration here. We should note, however, that K. Li does mention accounts among the Mangghuer of Minhe which suggest a Turkic connection in their past.

1 /i/ /i/ is a high front vowel. It is generally realized as somewhat central, in the area of [L], but may also move toward the quality [i], especially in stressed syllables. 1 (39) a [DponL] boni b [tL] di PHONEMIC INVENTORY ‘drum’ ‘eat’ When following the alveolar fricative /s/ or the alveolar affricate /z/, /i/ has a high central allophone, in the area of [t]. ], which is slightly rhotacized, due to inheriting a bit of retroflexion from its environment. ] mughashi ‘tomorrow’ In all of its environments, except when following a retroflex consonant, /i/ may optionally be pronounced with some spirantization.

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