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This paintings starts by means of distinguishing the variation among quantum mechanics and quantum box concept. It then makes an attempt to increase box idea through including a thermal measure of freedom to phenomena happening inside a vacuum. The ensuing quantum box idea is termed Thermo box Dynamics (TFD).

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G. Ref. [119]). Indeed, already in his first paper Bell pointed out that it is “the requirement of locality ... that creates the essential difficulty”. MasterFile2 August 30, 2013 11:41 BC: 8918 – Elementary Particles and Emergent Phase Space Classical and Quantum Aspects of Reality MasterFile2 29 of special relativity is directly built into their asumptions. e. encoding into quantum field theories the classical ideas of special relativity together with the standard concept of a mathematical point in space and time), but also the word ‘imagines’ which in fact covers an aspect of the simultaneity issue beyond the picture of simultaneity usually formed in our minds.

For our purposes this means that we must focus on only the most important aspects of the Whiteheadian approach. ” The possible fundamental role of process has been stressed by physicists as well. For example, Heisenberg viewed Heraclitus’ vision as a philosophical anticipation of contemporary quantum physics (p. 30 in Ref. modern physics is in some ways extremely near to the doctrines of Heraclitus. ” An even closer connection with the ideas of Heraclitus and Whitehead may be found in the following words of Bohm (p.

If time is indeed born out of a myriad of creative events, and in a way which according to quantum description is inherently nonlocal, a truly deep insight is needed into how to derive relativity from quantum. Lacking such a conceptual renewal when discussing quantum aspects of reality, it seems better to stick to a simple framework based on the concept of absolute time, within which the quantum concept of ‘instantaneous wave function collapse’ is certainly more acceptable. For this reason in particular we do not attempt to extend our quantum-level proposal of Part 3 beyond the nonrelativistic scheme.

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