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By Jack B. Hardy

ISBN-10: 0835901726

ISBN-13: 9780835901727

A e-book approximately writing event video games in 3 various programming languages: Pilot, Microsoft simple, and Atari 8K easy

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This will be used later to tell the player what items can be seen in this location. 70 C:SITEM=A BOTTLE BURIED IN THE SAND Assign a description to this location. This will be used later to give the player a general description of the area he or she is occupying. 100 C:SAREA=ON A SANDY BEACH Now jump to subroutine to print the information onto the screen. 110 J:*PRINT The following print routine is used throughout the adventure to relay information to the player. First, it clears the screen and positions the cursor in top left corner.

Example: IF N>O THEN PRINT . . T(#N>O): ... 1530 1540 1550 1560 1570 1580 1590 1600 1610 1620 1630 POS:21,10 T (ttN)O) : [esc POS:20,11 T(ttW)O):[esc POS:22,11 T(ttE)O):[esc POS:21,12 T(ttS)O):[esc POS:29,11 T(ttU)O):[esc T(ttO)O):[esc esc/esc ctrl -] esc/esc ctrl +] esc/esc ctrl *] esc/esc ctrl =] esc/esc ctrl esc/esc ctrl =] -] <*)RUN Jump to input routine, position cursor, accept input, and compare to valid commands. 1710 1720 1730 1740 J:*INPUT *INPUT T:[esc ctrl A: / 2 esc ctrl *'s / shift +] Spaces in the match command (M:) of Atari PILOT are very important.

View this part of the program by typing in direct mode, LIST 70,80 and hitting RETURN. Now you can see one more way the powerful conditional command can be used. Now that the bottle can be picked up, it can be seen that there is a message to be read inside. The following routines are needed to read the message. Hit SYSTEM RESET and add the following: 2355 tREAD 2360 J(#B=l):tMESSAGEl 2420 J=tCANTREAD Note: Again the program will check #B to see if the bottle has been picked up. If so, it will jump to message I routine.

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