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Over the prior 30 years the writings of Georges Bataille have had a profound impact on French highbrow inspiration, informing the paintings of Foucault, Derrida, and Barthes, between others. opposed to structure deals the 1st severe interpretation of this difficult philosopher, spelling out the profoundly unique and radical nature of Bataille's paintings.

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Bataille gave another account of this epi­ sode in August 1 9 14, another version written during another war, the second : "November 6, 1 9 1 5, in a bombed city, four or five kilometers from the German lines, my father died, abandoned. " 3 In 21 Notre-Dame de Rheims this new version Bataille does not say one word about the cathedral. Just as in the first he did not speak of his father. Notre-Dame de Rheims, dominated by every feminine and maternal value, goes so far in re­ ducing the name of the father to silence that it silences its own gesture of obliteration, or something more or less directly the most obvious result of that gesture: the actual death of the father.

In August 1 9 1 4 Bataille was about to be seventeen. 2. War: it is, in French, a synonym of the name of the father: Ba­ taille. This name will be deleted in another way by the erotic texts that appear under a pseudonym (Lord Auch, Louis Trente, Pierre Angelique) . But in Notre-Dame de Rheims the denial works on the sig­ nified: this text is a message of peace. But war here is not merely a synonym of the name of the father, it is also the result of a paternal attribute : impiety, irreligiousness.

This, ac­ cording to Hegel, is what independent architecture as inorganic sculpture must do. In order for the origin to regain its threatened simplicity and for architecture to regain its value as arche, as fundamental, Hegel sets out in search of edifices that are neither houses nor temples, that have no purpose outside of art and are not undermined by the negativity of mediation. " asks Goethe. " Starting from this definition, one may say that the sacred as the aim of this union, and this union itself, constitute the first content of independent architecture.

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