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Under normal operating conditions, the only cleaning required will be an occasional dusting. However, if a foreign material adheres itself to the screen, do the following: 1 Set the power switch to off ( O ). 2 Remove the power cord. 3 Dampen a soft, lint-free cloth with a mild detergent mixed in water. 4 Carefully wipe the screen. Caution Do not apply any water mixture directly to the screen or allow moisture to go behind the front panel. Moisture behind the front panel will severely damage the instrument.

The directions on the display briefly tell you how to connect test equipment. For detailed illustrations of equipment setup, see the setup illustrations starting on page 2-14. If you want to pause the program and return the Agilent 89410A DC-10 MHz Vector Signal Analyzer to front panel control, press [ BASIC ]. To continue the program, press [ Display ] [ BASIC display format ] [ lower ] [ BASIC ] [ continue ]. If you changed any instrument setup states, press [ RESTART TEST ] to ensure accurate measurement results.

In this test, a signal is connected to the external arm input. The signal level is increased until the instrument is armed. 1 2-27 Verifying Specifications To set up the harmonic distortion test Agilent 89410A To set up the harmonic distortion test Performance Test and Operation Verification This test verifies that the Agilent 89410A meets its dynamic range specification for harmonic distortion. In this test, a low pass filter attenuates the harmonics of a signal from the synthesizer. The analyzer measures the signal and the synthesizer level is adjusted for a full-scale input (approximately 2 dBm).

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