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Jaeger notes that between the times of the early continuators and Jean de Marmoutier, the romans antiques had been composed at the court of Henry II and Chrétien had composed his first romances on the Continent. In other words, the transformation came about under the influence of clerical ideals of good 36 V I O L E N T PA S S I O N S conduct that were propagated through the romance. “[T]he figure of the courtly knight did not originate in the real social-political circumstances of life of the lay nobility,” Jaeger notes.

Read as one figure, the two Ovids produce a sort of Super-Ovid, a nexus for Neoplatonic philosophy, astrological medical treatment, psychology, and theology, offering readers a means of controlling unruly sexual impulses through an ars amatoria, an art of love. An inevitable part of the conception of the macro/microcosm is the idea that the human being’s sphere of action is severely limited by its relationship to the macrocosm. If the body is subject to the movements of the planets, so to speak, the human being must have very little freedom of will.

Ovid’s tales tell of extreme human emotions,Arnulf acknowledges. 10 The forces can be divided into two types: rational, like the regular movement of the heavens, and irrational, like the erratic movements of the planets: Dedit enim deus anime rationem per quam reprimeret sensualitatem, sicut motus irrationalis VII planetarum per motum firmamenti reprimitur. 11 (God gave the soul reason with which to repress sensuality, as the irrational movement of the seven planets is repressed by the movement of the heavens.

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