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By Donald Piermattei, Kenneth A. Johnson

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Alternatively, the large transverse processes of C6 are easily palpated. The C5-C6 disk is between and slightly cranial to the cranial edges of the processes. The Vertebral Column ■ Plate 14 Approach to Cervical Vertebrae and Intervertebral Disks 2-7 Through a Ventral Incision continued Intervertebral disk Longus colli m. Caudal aspect, ventral crest F Fenestration of disk with #14 blade Caudal aspect, ventral crest of cervical vertebra G Transverse process 61 62 ■ The Vertebral Column Approach to the Midcervical Vertebrae Through a Dorsal Incision Based on a Procedure of Funkquist13 INDICATIONS 1.

Platysma muscle is included with subcutaneous fascia in a separate layer. The Head ■ Plate 7 Approach to the Caudal Shaft and Ramus of the Mandible Shaft of mandible Mylohoideus m. Periosteal incision Platysma m. , superficial portion Digastricus m. Ventral buccal br. of facial n. B Digastricus m. elevated from mandible Styloglossus m. C Facial a. and v. , superficial portion 37 38 ■ The Head Approach to the Ramus of the Mandible INDICATION Open reduction of fractures. PATIENT POSITIONING Lateral recumbency with the affected side uppermost.

Abdominal oblique Deep pectoral Triceps brachii: Long head Lateral head Brachialis Lateral muscles of the antebrachium (see Plate 2) Note: The cutaneous trunci and platysma muscles are not depicted. 27 28 ■ General Considerations Plate 2 Deep Musculature of the Canine Thoracic Limb, Lateral View Supraspinatus Infraspinatus Acromion of scapular spine Teres minor Cranial circumflex humeral a. Brachialis Subscapular a. Axillary n. Caudal circumflex humeral a. Radial n. Median n. Ulnar n. Biceps brachii Anconeus Extensor carpi radialis Common digital extensor Flexor carpi ulnaris, ulnar head Lateral digital extensor Ulnaris lateralis Abductor pollicis longus Note: All muscles of the shoulder girdle, the deltoideus, and the triceps brachii have been removed.

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