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29 Similarly, Ruth Mazo Karras, in her study of university students in the Middle Ages, noted that students found themselves in a very complex situation. Students, who belonged to (albeit lower orders of ) the clergy, were uncomfortable with the idea of renouncing their masculinity by leading chaste, peaceful lives for the duration of their studies. All students were forbidden to carry weapons, but because this was such a key feature of aristocratic masculinity, many young clerics often fell short of expectations, and found themselves arrested for carrying daggers, shields, and swords.

What is perhaps most important to remember is that the justices assigned to deal with cases in the courts were well aware of the blatant lies and manipulation of the law put forward by litigants. Yet, it was not their responsibility to discern truth from lies. ”60 In terms of a study of marital violence, these monitions are both significant and relevant. Cases of spousal homicide in the royal courts, then, offer more than a mere indication of rates of marital violence; because the stories were shaped with the intention of persuading the king’s justices, they are a useful guide to contemporary perceptions of abuse at all levels of society.

Bearing in mind that adultery was one of the few acceptable premises for an ecclesiastically sanctioned separation, the archbishop’s 44 All violent crimes appearing in the records of the royal courts for both Yorkshire and the county of Essex were entered into a database. ) in order to uncover all those cases that appear more than once. This method also gave me an opportunity to discover any cases of husbands and wives who were accused of more than one crime. 45 D/C AB 1, f. 146. S. , A Mediaeval Act Book with some account of Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction at York (York, 1943), 28.

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