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By Sergio Franco

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ISBN-13: 9780078028199

This textbook is meant for EE majors envisioning business careers in analog electronics. Analog integrated-circuit (IC) designers, product, technique, and reliability engineers, attempt and test-development engineers, analog purposes, advertising and marketing, and customer-support engineers are regularly in powerful call for.

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8) or v4 5 40 V in the present example. The reader is encouraged to trace through each waveform in detail to develop a feel for the workings of this clever circuit. Voltage multipliers find application in integrated circuits, where it is desired to synthesize specific voltages to bias different on-chip circuits, starting out with a single supply voltage such as that provided by a rechargeable battery. 25 Voltage quadrupler. 26 Waveforms for the voltage quadrupler of Fig. 25. 3 OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIERS AND DIODE APPLICATIONS As we move along we shall find that the range of applications for diodes and, later, for transistors can be expanded significantly if we team up these devices with the operational amplifier, or op amp for short.

37), expressing ␾0 via Eq. 39) If we insert Eq. 39) back into Eq. 40) The sum of the two is aptly called the equilibrium SCL width, Xd0 5 xp0 1 xn0. By Eq. 41) The equilibrium junction charge is Qj0 5 Q1 5 qNDAxn0, where A is the aforementioned junction’s cross-sectional area. Using Eq. 6 Effect of External Bias on the SCL Parameters Assuming a cross-sectional area A 5 (100 ␮m) 3 (100 ␮m) for a pn junction with the doping doses of Eq. 29), find Em0, Xd0, xp0, xn0, and Qj0. 820 V. Also, since in our case NA @ ND, we can approximate NANDy(NA 1 ND) ù ND 5 1016 cm23.

3 cm2/s. 3 cm2/s. 5 THE pn JUNCTION IN EQUILIBRIUM When a p-type and an n-type region are joined together, they are said to form a pn junction. Even though in practice they are fabricated contiguously as exemplified in Fig. 38, from a pedagogical viewpoint it is convenient to consider two slabs that have been fabricated separately and are brought into contact with each other subsequently, in the manner depicted in Fig. 39, top. 29) Assume donor atoms of phosphorous and acceptor atoms of boron, so we can use the formulas of Fig.

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