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Water vapor spectrum of Figure I at highest magnificationto show continuum. The spectrum is overlaidwith the LBLRTM simulation run for the experimental conditions. 28 ! 1 40 2O ------- 10 LBLRTM Data Burch, 1984 I ,,,, 700 i 800 , i 900 i 1000 -1 1 100 1200 1300 Energy (ore) Figure 4, Plot of the empirical continuum derived from the data in Figure 1. Also overlaid on this is the LBLRTM continuum and the continuum dedved for these conditions from the data of Burch and AIt (1984). Table 1, Listing of lines measured Energy (orn"1) during the existing ARM project and the conditions of the measurements.

These are the anticipated conditions under which the code will be applied to ARM spectral observations:ground, aircraft or satellite-based spectral radiance and transmittance measurements. thincirrus cloud in the altitude regime from 1012kin for a range of cloud water paths. T. Ackerman, privatecommunication, 1993 Extensive effort has gone intotwo aspects ofthe Line-byLine Radiative Transfer Model (LBLRTM): 1) applying the model to real-time spectral validations for ARM measurements, including the implementation of an ffi package to model spectral instrument functions and 2) adapting the model to provide the necessary interface withCHARTS.

Deepak Publishing,Hampton,Virginia. Ciough,8. J. -L. Lineby-LineCaJoulatlons of AtmosphericFluxesand Cooling Rites: Applicationto Water Vapor. J. Ram. 15785. HsnscomAir ForceBase,Muuchextts. Bumh,D. E. 1985. 0036, 38 pp. ,Hanseom AirForceBase,Musachesetts. Clough,S. , F. X. Knelzys,R. W. Gamache, and R. H. A. Deepak,T. H. 25-46. , F. X. W. , and R. H. 1992. A far wlng lineshape theoryamlltsappllcatlontothewatercontlnuumsbsorption In theinfraredregion(II). J. Chem. 8883. Roberts,R. A. Selby,and L.

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Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Team [3rd meeting procs]

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