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In a language that distinguishes between familiar and polite form of pronouns, such as French £a and vous. the familiar form is X A complete listing and some discussion of Acehnese onomatopoetic words can be found in Asyik (1978). They first appeared in Asyik (1972: 211-7) in the form of a schematic diagram. 37 used in such a situation. It indicates closeness and friendliness. On the other hand, the Acehnese kah and iih are words for insult that can start a fight if used to older persons or respected young persons, such as a teacher.

Vowels The only vowels from the previous charts that are used without any change in the new spelling are [i], [u], and [a]. Other vowels are changed or spelled as follows. 22 a). [w] is written as an. beukah for [bwukah] 'broken' sudeu for [sud«*» ] 'leaning' b). , and £. puteh for [puteh] 'white' rhet for [rhat] 'to fall' tulo for [tulo] 'sparrow' c). The low-mid vowel [»] is written as a and the other two low-mid vowels, [A ] and [ a ] are written the same as o.. But in this dissertation, [A ] will be written as a and [ s ] will be written as &.

In this grammar, adjectives are treated separately from verbs. Therefore, the derivations of these classes of words need to be treated again. They are relevant to the discussion of agreement systems, which is discussed in Chapter 4. The discussion on the derivation of nouns is a little bit different from that in Durie (1985). Nouns are not only derived by the infix -eun-. but also by some other prefixes. The discussion on adverbs introduces many forms of adverbs usually found in sentences. Many of them have never been discussed before.

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